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At Last! Effective, economical, in-home, portable exercise.



                   FOR EVERYONE....


Rebound exercise utilizes the three natural forces of acceleration, deceleration, and gravity to strengthen every cell in the body, including internal organs, while flushing out toxins with less shock to the weight-bearing joints.

·         Strengthens immune system

·         87% Shock free

·         Lowers cholesterol and triglyceride levels

·         Tones and supports the glandular system

·         Increases lymphatic circulation

·         Increases white and red blood cells

·         Improves arthritis

·         Improves vision

·         Moderates appetite

·         Increases metabolism

·         Burns more calories

·         Increases balance, coordination, dexterity and endurance

·         Proven to be 68% more efficient than regular exercise by N.A.S.A.

Everyone can Rebound!

BUSY MOTHERS -- Quick, stress-free exercise without going to the gym.
EXECUTIVES -- At home or in the office -- ask about the energy -- producing 7 minute fitness exercise.
CHILDREN -- Build balance, strength, coordination and improved learning.
SENIORS -- Stabilizer bar adjust to your height and provides security while "health bouncing."
ATHLETES -- Build strength, agility and endurance.
INVALIDS -- Sit on the rebounder with the stabilizer bar for support.

The SOFT-BOUNCE® Rebounder

·         36 SPECIALLY coiled, durable springs give you more buoyancy with quality.

·         DESIGNED to last longer than any other rebound unit.

·         LONGER, 4 inch springs

·         PERMEATION mat will not stretch or split

·         SPRING loaded legs fold for easy storage

·         SPECIAL spring mounting will not bend frame

·         THE MOST durable, effective, versatile, and safest rebounder on the market

·         FOLDS in half for travel or storage

·         INCLUDES carrying case and a copy of Rebounding to Better Health

·         SUPPORTS 300 pounds

·         LIMITED 10 year warranty

·         INVEST in the best for your health

·         CERTIFIED instruction and individualized program included


Needak® Soft - Bounce

The NEEDAK® SOFT-BOUNCE™ rebounder is more fun and enjoyable to use.

Bounce it off!

Bouncing on a NEEDAK® rebounder in conjunction with proper eating habits, can help to melt away those extra pounds and tone your body.

You "bounce it off" while watching TV or talking on the phone. Think how much younger and vibrant you will feel!


Bring a quality NEEDAK® rebounder
into your life....
just for the health of it.